The anemic, underperforming Obama economy ended with a whimper in December, a victim of his anti-growth, anti-capital investment, tax hike policies.

You probably didn’t see any mention of it in the nightly network news shows last month, because, for the most part, they didn’t report it.

Mr. Obama’s bedridden economy was defined by three things: a painfully long recovery from the 2008 recession, the lack of enough good paying, full-time jobs, and a very sluggish growth rate that was largely stuck in the 2 percent range over his entire presidency.

Mr. Obama left office declaring that his policies had pulled the economy out of the recession, created lots of jobs and had made the economy healthy again. In the last month, pro-Obama business journalists were projecting that the economy’s fourth quarter GDP growth rate could be as high as 3 percent.

Not even close. The Commerce Department reported last week that the U.S. economy had barely expanded at an embarrassingly, minuscule 1.9 percent rate between October and December.


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