OTTAWA — The Trudeau government had best hope that Donald Trump was so preoccupied upbraiding Nordstrom department stores, for discontinuing his daughter Ivanka’s fashion line, that he missed a potentially disastrous item in the Daily Beast this week.

The online news site ran an article quoting security officials, who suggested the U.S. is looking in the wrong direction when it comes to border security. The article cited FBI statistics that indicated far more known or suspected terrorists are encountered at the Canadian border than at the Mexican.

“Not to say that Mexico isn’t a problem but the real bad guys aren’t coming from there — at least not yet,” said one unidentified senior official with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

President Trump is already on a crusade for stronger borders but his focus has almost exclusively been on building a wall on the U.S.’s southern flank.

But were, for example, Fox News to run with the idea that Michigan, New York State and Washington State are vulnerable to terrorists wandering over the unguarded border, Canada could find itself in Trump’s crosshairs.


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