OTTAWA — Amid a leadership race with few candidates, there is a growing grassroots movement in the federal New Democratic Party to try convince leader Tom Mulcair to again run for the job he has resigned.

However, calling the movement “heartening after a tough year,” and saying “not a day goes by” where he doesn’t receive messages of support, Mulcair told the National Post his mind’s made up to move on.

“My decision is made,” he said. “I’d love to emulate somebody like Stephen Lewis, you know, and be that elder statesman who gets called upon sometimes. I’m going to stay close to the party. They’re all friends. But at this stage in my life, I’m just going to move on.”

Still, more than 5,000 people have pledged their support to the “Bring Tom Mulcair Back Campaign” on Facebook — significantly more than have signed up for various pages trying to draft other potential leaders (Ontario deputy leader Jagmeet Singh is in second place, with about 3,600 likes).

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