Luke Skywalker’s home planet, which orbits two suns, may have real-life counterparts.

Astronomers today said they had found hints of a planetary system closely resembling that of Tatooine.

The evidence came in the form of seemingly rocky debris orbiting two stars – a white dwarf and a brown dwarf – in a system called SDSS 1557 some 1,000 light years away.


The SDSS 1557 system is made up of a white and brown dwarf star, which circle each other roughly every two hours.

The white dwarf is the burn-out core of a star that was probably similar to the Sun, and the brown dwarf is around 60 times heavier than Jupiter.

To date, all exoplanets discovered in orbit around double stars have been gas giants, similar to our own Jupiter and Saturn, and are thought to form in the icy regions of their systems.

High metal metal content was found by measuring the absorption of different wavelengths of light or ‘spectra’ of the system’s asteroid debris.

This suggests the system could contain rocky planets, and even those supporting life.


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