In eighteen months, the Ontario Liberals will attempt their moonshot: re-election, even after all they’ve done. At the moment, it seems nothing will hinder them in that endeavour — apart from all the other stuff — so much as the remarkable surge in Ontarians’ hydro bills in recent years. And so, hydro customers of Ontario, your votes are now up for auction.

Would 25-per-cent-off tickle your fancy? According to a Toronto Star report on Wednesday, that’s what the Liberals are aiming for with a plan to refinance the government’s contracts with electricity producers — essentially paying less every year, but for more years. The 25-per-cent would reportedly include the eight-per-cent “rebate” — which is to say a taxpayer subsidy to ratepayers — announced in September.

Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault would neither confirm nor deny any specific plans on Wednesday, but a recent analysis by researchers at the Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre at Western University suggested such a plan might save the province $1.7 billion in energy-production costs in 2018, or about eight per cent of the total.


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