This was Kevin O’Leary’s Tuesday:

– He skipped the mandatory all-candidates’ debate in Edmonton, ostensibly because he didn’t like the format, but quite possibly because it was to be held in both official languages, one of which he does not speak.

– He was quoted in a newspaper story that morning admitting he had been using a private plane to jet about to campaign events, but only charging his campaign the price of a commercial airline ticket: an apparent violation of Elections Canada rules. His campaign denied it later in the day: he had only taken one private flight, a spokesman said. But by evening the story had changed again. He would continue to use a private plane, he said, but would expense it properly.

– A video surfaced of him, half-nude, complaining that the CBC was “run by women,” grumbling that he was forced to work for women (“it’s ridiculous”) and claiming that he “gets back” at them by doing all his Skype interviews for the network with his pants off.

One day. And yet it displayed so much of the signature O’Leary style: the casual disregard for the rules that others live by, the adolescent taste for shock, the carelessness with the facts, the failure to do the most basic homework, and above all the open, brazen contempt for the party he lazily hopes to lead.

There will be many more such days. There are hundreds of hours of video of O’Leary online, and it doesn’t take more than about five minutes to find him saying and doing all sorts of ignorant, nutty, clownishly reactionary things. And while he can try to wave all of these off as “good TV,” the utterances of a character he had created, he cannot disavow the things he says and does on the campaign trail. That is, when he bothers to go on it.

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Candidate pulls out of Liberal nomination fight, saying process is ‘neither open nor fair’

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