Recent research by public affairs firm Edelman shows trust among Canadians towards the government has dropped from 53 per cent to 43 per cent over the last year alone.

While it’s disappointing so many of us feel we can’t trust our government, the growing frustration among Canadians does present an opportunity to those of us who want less government in the first place. It’s an opportunity to shake things up and transfer more power back to the public and improve accountability in government.

The following ideas could help do just that:

First, governments could outlaw the practice of taking money from taxpayers and giving those dollars to businesses like Bombardier and other companies that regularly lobby governments for money. Imposing such a restriction would help force governments to focus on the basics – health care, fixing our roads, policing, etc.

Instead of giving away our tax dollars, the government could reduce taxes and allow you to decide what to do with your share of the savings. A political party that is truly serious about this policy could even enshrine it in its own constitution – automatically stripping any of its elected officials of their party membership (and thus their nomination) for voting to fund handouts to businesses.

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