The frenzy of the Never Trump movement becomes more demented every week. This last weekend, former national-intelligence director James Clapper (no friend of Donald Trump) said that there had been no evidence of any collusion between Trump people and any Russians when, after months of investigating, he left office with the old administration 45 days ago.

When asked by Chuck Todd of NBC at what point the absence of fire would establish that there was no fire and only smoke, he acknowledged that that was a “good question.” Republican members of the congressional intelligence committees repeatedly confirm that there is “no evidence” that has been brought forward of any such collusion.

Senator Chris Coons, a Democrat of Delaware, may have signaled the next retreat for the Democratic elected and press character-assassination squads by telling Chris Wallace on the weekend that, while nothing has turned up so far, he thought it would in Mr. Trump’s tax returns. This is what the Democrats are reduced to: a confident assertion that conclusive evidence of pre-election collusion between Messrs. Trump and Putin will be clear in the president’s tax returns.

They are mad. This is the madness that caused Elizabeth Warren to promise personal vengeance on every one of her 52 colleagues who confirmed Jeff Sessions as attorney general; that caused Chuck Schumer to burst into tears and claim that the Statue of Liberty was weeping, too, over the migrant order.

And it was this same lunacy, of which the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States is the only known cause, that made Mr. Schumer demand that Mr. Sessions resign (even though Mr. Sessions’s explanation of his answer about meeting the Russian ambassador is perfectly plausible) and that caused Nancy Pelosi to go the distance and demand that TMr. rump resign.

I have a better idea: Why don’t they resign?

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