LEADING European figures have today launched a landmark bid to uncover the murky backroom dealings behind the EU’s controversial bailout of Greece in a move which could deliver another killer blow to the struggling euro.

Brussels politicians spearheaded by former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis have ordered eurocrats to release a bombshell secret dossier which shows whether or not their treatment of Athens was legal.

The European Central Bank (ECB) infamously ordered the closure of Greece’s banks at the height of the eurozone crisis in 2015 and would only allow them to reopen once PM Alexis Tsipras agreed to a crushing austerity regime.

But the bank’s president, Mario Draghi, immediately had concerns about the legality of such bullying tactics and commissioned a top lawyer to produce a dynamite report laying out the rules.

That dossier has been kept under lock and key deep in the ECB’s top secret vault ever since, with eurocrats refusing to release it despite the fact it was commissioned using taxpayers’ money.

If it indeed found the Greek bailout was illegal, and that information were to become public, it would do huge damage to the EU’s already battered reputation and spark a governance crisis across the eurozone.


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