Nearly 50 years ago, two men joined forces to bring sunshine late into the Alberta evening.

Bill Creighton and David Matthews, two Calgary sports enthusiasts, battled cautious politicians, drive-in theatre owners and even the Edmonton Journal’s editorial board to bring daylight saving time to the province.

Now, they’re watching with incredulity as an NDP backbencher takes legislative aim at the daylight hours they worked so hard to get.

Thomas Dang, MLA for Edmonton-South West, is looking for input into a potential private member’s bill that would abolish daylight time. That means either switching to central time, to be aligned with Saskatchewan, or staying on mountain time year-round.

Central time would let summer light continue long into the evening, but would mean darker mornings in the winter. Mountain time means summer days would see more light in the morning but less in the evening.

The big benefit? No more groggy March mornings like Sunday, March 12, when the clocks jump forward and deprive us of an hour of sleep.

Dang said the downsides of switching to daylight time are clear: young children have trouble adjusting, it may lead to an increase in heart attacks, and farmers and ranchers say it interferes with milking and feeding schedules.



Proof daylight saving time is stupid, dangerous and costly


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