POLAND today accused the rest of the European Union of “double standards and cheating” and vowed to block future EU initiatives in a sensational revenge plot over its treatment at last week’s Brussels summit.

In an extraordinarily savage attack on the entire euro project Warsaw’s foreign minister effectively accused the rest of the club of ganging up on his country and stabbing it in the back over the re-election of Donald Tusk.

Witold Waszczykowski vowed Poland would not go down without a fight, saying it would start vetoing major projects backed by other EU countries in revenge, a tactic which could completely paralyse the bloc.

The move shows how the cavernous rift which opened up between Warsaw and the other 27 member states over the appointment of the top eurocrat and support for a two-speed Europe has now developed into a full-blown diplomatic crisis.

What began as a dispute over the EU Council chief’s suitability for office has rapidly escalated into all-out verbal warfare, with Poland launching a series of increasingly fierce attacks on other members.

And the relationship between its government and Brussels now looks to be smashed beyond repair, with ministers in Warsaw saying they will pursue a “negative” policy towards the EU in the future.

The furious outburst was the latest nuclear fallout from a disastrous EU summit at the end of the last week, which was meant to be a show of unity post-Brexit but quickly descended into bitter acrimony.

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