President Donald Trump should hunt down and fire federal employees in high-ranking positions who don’t support his agenda or have them reassigned, Newt Gingrich says.

The former Trump transition team member and House speaker said the president was right to get rid of U.S. attorneys who were appointed by Barack Obama, comparing the move to Abraham Lincoln’s purge at the beginning of his administration.

‘Lincoln, when he came in, fired 70 percent of the senior bureaucrats in the federal government because he had to get rid of southern sympathizers and he had to have people in place who were willing to fight a Civil War,’ Gingrich said Sunday on Fox & Friends.

‘Trump’s gonna have a similar process. He’s not going to have any choice.’

Trump last week ordered the dismissal of 46 Justice Department prosecutors appointed by his predecessor. Among them, Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney for Southern District of New York.

Bharara’s division oversaw Manhattan, where Trump Tower is located. He met with the president at his residence before the inauguration and told reporters gathered in the lobby afterward that Trump asked him to continue on his position and he agreed to.

Trump apparently changed his mind and ordered Bharara’s resignation along with the rest of the Obama holdovers last Friday. Bharara resisted and said on Twitter the following day that he had been fired.

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