THERESA May has secured the mandate from the House of Lords to trigger Article 50, officially starting Britain’s divorce from the European Union (EU).

The House of Lords finally voted down its own amendments nine months after the public voted on June 23rd last year.

The Queen is expected to sign the assent of the sovereign to a Bill which has been passed by Parliament, making it an Act of Parliament after the House of Commons makes it final vote.

Royal assent by the sovereign is required before a Bill can come into force as law – and it has not been withheld since 1707.
The House of Lords had attached the two conditions to the short 137-word Article 50 Bill, which was designed to hand the Prime Minister the legal power to trigger EU divorce talks.

But the House of Commons overturned both amendments last night in two separate votes.

After the vote there was a subsequent debate in the House of Lords and they voted to allow Parliament to go ahead with the Government’s proposals.

The Brexit Bill was pushed through after Angela Smith, Labour’s leader in the House of Lords, said the party would back down on the two contested amendments.


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