One of the many great advantages of being a member of the Liberal party is that you can get away with stuff other parties can’t.

For example, you can decry the Tories as scheming manipulators — remember the uproar over the nefarious “in and out scandal?” ($10 if you recall what it was about) — then, once in office, you can merrily parachute in preferred candidates over local protests, strong-arm local favourites into taking a hike, sell access to preferred ministers and squeeze every nickel possible from supplicants foolish enough to approach the government in hope of assistance. All while posing as reformers dedicating to eradicating the evil habits practiced by predecessors.

Or you can promise a new era of co-operation with the provinces, pledge regular meetings at which common ground will be found while maintaining mutual respect in aid of the common good, and then present the premiers and their health ministers with a take-it-or-leave-it offer that is all but identical to the one they were offered by the Conservatives, and shrug off their protests.

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