Ed. Note: The NDP are correct on this one.  My wife is out as I write paying TWO bills demanding repayment after her mother passed away and we live in Ontario.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Postmedia scribe Shawn Logan digs up the stories.

Alisa Slager, a Cochrane mom dying from cancer, gets a carbon tax rebate cheque of $180 and buys the last gifts for her kids — a first bike, a doll, money toward a computer.

Alisa dies and her parents get the provincial government notice to pay back the rebate. They feel sickened but pay it back.

Marie Casey, a 74-year-old great-grandmother, dies and the government wants $100.

Jacob Wiens dies at 95, days after receiving a rebate. Now the government comes looking for $100.

As with all these clawbacks from the dead, the demand for payment is on a notice with Alberta government letterhead signed by an Alberta government bigshot.

The federal tax collectors mail the rebates, or send out notices telling the loved one of somebody who has recently died to cough up the cash.

This started when the NDP government set up the rebate cheques to go every year, half year or every three months.

The higher your rebates, the more cheques.

But instead of giving out the rebates after the fact, at the end of every three months or six months or year, like getting a tax refund after paying the taxes, the NDP decided to pay out the rebate upfront.

They wanted to score some brownie points with Albertans by getting the rebate cheques out fast.

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