Fraudsters are watching bank customers with near-invisible recording devices through a hole the size of a PINHEAD

To the untrained eye, this looks just like any of the millions of cash machines people use every day to access their money.

But a tiny, pinhead-sized hole in the plastic casing hides a chilling secret which shows just how advanced identity fraudsters have now become.

Police investigating cashpoint tampering discovered the hole meant a tiny camera, which was hidden inside a false cover to the cash dispensing slot, could record the victim putting in their pin number.

A photo of the panel after it was torn from the machine shows the camera and recording equipment that was carefully hidden inside.

The device was uncovered at a cashpoint in St Paul’s Churchyard, central London last month, one of a series of similar discoveries in the area in recent weeks.

On March 7, a similar camera was found in another cash machine in the area. This time, the hole was placed in a piece of plastic above the keypad.

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