Sometimes the Deep State isn’t so deep.  For something that’s supposed to be submerged, it doesn’t always hide very well.

For example, veteran journalist Nick Denton was unabashedly candid about Deep State doings when he spoke to the South by Southwest conference

The fact is, most of the liberal media is working to halt Trump.  They’re getting leaks from sympathetic bureaucrats in the federal bureaucracy, and they are acting as the opposition to Trump.

Denton, of course, is best known as the former owner of Gawker, the scandal-mongering site that was on the losing end of a lawsuit filed by Hulk Hogan.  And yet before founding Gawker, Denton had worked at The Financial Times and dabbled in various digital-media enterprises; he knows his way around.   So if he says that the Main Stream Media and the bureaucracy are “working to halt Trump,” why not believe him?

To be sure, plenty of MSM journalists still stick to their omertà code—or at least they try to.  Once such is David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker.  In a new piece, headlined, “There is No Deep State,” Remnick told readers that the issue is Trump, not his enemies.  As Remnick put it, “The problem in Washington is not a Deep State; the problem is a shallow man.”

Okay, so that’s the official line: No Deep State here.

And yet then, in his very next sentences, Remnick, like his fellow journo Denton, spilled the beans. That is, he urged the Deep State to rise up against the Dreaded Trump: “Only if government officials take to heart their designation as ‘public servants’ will justice prevail.”  Thus the unmistakable message to the “permanent government”: Get to work on getting rid of the 45th president.

So now we can see a paradox that would be amusing, if it weren’t so scary: The Deep State thrives on secrecy—most of its anti-Trump activities are, after all, unethical, if not illegal—and yet at the same time, journalists are a chatty bunch; they aren’t secretive, they’re talkative.   They’re proud of what they’re doing, and, in the end, they don’t really care who knows it.

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