OTTAWA — Federal Conservative leadership hopeful Kevin O’Leary alleged Thursday that a rival’s campaign is engaging in fraud and vote-rigging.

The celebrity businessman issued a statement accusing an unnamed campaign of trying to buy its way to the top by using untraceable prepaid credit cards to sign up fake members, which he said runs afoul of party rules and potentially the law.

“Beyond the legalities of this, it is completely immoral, and extremely unfair to the tens of thousands of real party members that will have the impact of their votes weakened,” O’Leary said in a statement.

Two sources not connected to O’Leary told The Canadian Press it appeared the campaign of his main rival in the race, Maxime Bernier, was the one under scrutiny.

A source inside Bernier’s campaign shot back at the rumours they were involved in the alleged fraud.

“If Kevin spent more time in Canada campaigning he would be winning instead of whining,” the source said, speaking anonymously because they had not been authorized to provide an official response.

O’Leary has faced criticism for continuing to do events and interviews in the U.S. long after he launched his leadership bid officially in January.

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