OTTAWA – Conservative leadership front-runner Kevin O’Leary says he wants the party to audit every vote cast in the upcoming leadership election.

The party cancelled about 1,400 memberships on Friday after they were disputed as fraudulent registrations.

“I want the party to audit every name so there are no questions,” O’Leary said on Saturday.

He was in Ottawa to address young Conservatives at a rally at Carleton University.

The false registrations involved the organizers enlisting people for a membership without their consent, then paying for the registrations with pre-paid, untraceable credit cards, violating the rules of the leadership race.
The O’Leary campaign, along with three others, complained about the loophole in the registration process that permitted the fraudulent memberships.

However, none of the campaigns blamed any specific opponent for the situation.

“Nobody knows who’s behind it, all I know is that there’s fraud,” O’Leary said.


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