KATIE Hopkins said Donald Trump’s mission to drain the swamp should start with Angela Merkel – or the “bog monster” as the LBC anchor put it.

Katie Hopkins mocked Angela Merkel by claiming she is the woman in charge of the entire establishment ‘swamp’.She said the meeting between Donald Trump and the German Chancellor should never have been “tolerated” because “nothing productive” will result from it.The LBC host said if Donald Trump really wants to “drain the swamp” then he should start with the German leader, before branding her the boss of the Brussels beaurocrats.

The furious journalist condemned Angela Merkel as “the unelected leader of the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels”.

She said that if Mr Trump was to follow through on his promises to drain the swamp, then he should target Mrs Merkel.

Hopkins added: “She is virtually the bog-monster!”


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