THE Government is poised to publish detailed plans within days on how it will convert existing European Union (EU) laws into UK ones.

A 50-page document which is said to form the basis of a draft White Paper has being circulating Whitehall in recent weeks is designed to set out how Parliament will repeal the legislation that had originated from Brussels.

The document is being lined up to be published once Prime Minister Theresa May formally triggers Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which is now expected to be on March 29.

The proposed document, dubbed the “Great Repeal Bill” will set out how, in practical terms, the legislation will be altered.

The document is said to focused on two main areas: the repealing of the European Communities Act 1972 – which took the UK in the EU – and a vast array of laws, dictats and rulings that had originated from the European Parliament over the years.

However, the means the Government is looking to do this is seen as controversial by some as they propose to do this using a power that is 500-years old.

The so-called “Henry VIII clauses” give the Government powers to change old laws that have already been passed by Parliament.


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