First, it was a joke.

With every U.S. election, a variety of Democrat dim bulbs in the Hollywood constellation declare if their favored candidate doesn’t win, they will move to Canada.

Thus, at various times, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and in 2016, Donald Trump, prompted such media announcements. (Republicans never said they would leave the United States.)

Of course, these Democrats didn’t leave America — to the amusement of Republicans who would have happily provided them bus fare.

Subsequently, there were a number of vignettes humorously hypothesizing on the fate of those benighted souls seeking refuge in Canada.

Supposedly, they were scaring the livestock and, when discovered making their way across the border (Canada being considerably colder than California), asked for Perrier water, a latte, and vegan nourishment, before being moved to refugee camps.

Since Trump’s inauguration and his commitment to enforce the law to remove individuals illegally in the United States, there have been some harrowing tales of border crossers.

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