Calgary — New Progressive Conservative Leader Jason Kenney will meet Monday with Wildrose Leader Brian Jean to discuss the path to a single united conservative party.

Jean is pro-unity, but wants his party to absorb the PCs so as not to lose the substantial Wildrose war chest.

But in his first post-win news conference Sunday, Kenney doubled down on his oft-repeated message that unity must be decided by grassroots members.

“This is not about the political parties, it’s about Alberta,” he said.

How the two parties will become one is, at this point, still a mystery.

Kenney is banking on a strategy similar to the one that melded the federal Progressive Conservatives and the Canadian Alliance to become the Conservative Party of Canada in 2003.

That means developing a plan with Wildrose through the work of a negotiation committee — hopefully in a matter of weeks — and taking it to members of both parties.

“If we can put together a sensible agreement, it will take away the fear of the unknown,” Kenney said.

“I want to go as quickly as we can, but not cut corners.”


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