The Left continues to relentlessly promote their lie that Trump stole the election by scheming with the Russians. Their goal is to get enough people believing Trump’s presidency is illegitimate that they can impeach him.

Folks, these people on the Left and GOP establishment still do not understand what they are dealing with. I can only imagine the fallout of reversing the will of the American people by impeaching their president. I realize I sound like a broken record repeating myself, but Trump is a phenomenon like nothing we have seen before.

A year ago, I traveled state to state campaigning for Ted Cruz. My team and I stood on street corners waving Cruz signs. Numerous obnoxious people drove by us screaming, “T-R-U-M-P-P-P!!!” Never have I seen such passion for a candidate.

Our team traveled through the heartland in an SUV. We saw “TRUMP” painted on the side of barns and rooftops; “Trump/Pence” billboards; countless hand painted “Trump” signs and a gazillion official blue and white “Trump” yard signs. Clearly, something unique was happening.

Then there were the remarkable unprecedented crowds at Trump rallies. I shared how I was given VIP passes for a Trump rally in Daytona Beach Florida. I was told the rally was at 3 p.m. and the doors opened at 9 a.m. I thought, “Why would the doors open at 9 for a 3 o’clock rally?” I arrived at 2 p.m. and was blown away. I had to park five blocks away from the convention center. Streets were blocked off with people in orange vests waving cars away. Despite my VIP pass, I could not get in. There were thousands outside the filled to capacity convention center. I thought what on earth is going on? I also could not miss the broad mix of people there excited about Trump. By the way, Trump is still drawing remarkable crowds.

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