OTTAWA — Opposition parties slammed the Liberal government on Tuesday for trying to “ram through” major changes to how the House of Commons does its business.

With little notice, the Liberals moved Tuesday to have the Procedure and House Affairs committee study major changes to standing orders put forward by Liberal House leader Bardish Chagger, giving a tight June deadline and offering no indication that they wouldn’t use a majority to impose changes to House rules without opposition consent.

The long list of items for study includes: halting House sittings on Fridays; only requiring the prime minister to be in question period one day a week; introducing electronic voting and restricting opposition parties’ ability to filibuster bills in committee.

Liberals are trying to “ram through whatever the f— they want,” Conservative MP Scott Reid said in a rare outburst. He called maneuvers “despicable,” a “tissue of lies,” and a “contemptible abuse of our system,” calling the prime minister an “arrogant, selfish, rude individual” for trying to steamroll all opposition.


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