Facebook and Nokia have teamed up to send record-breaking amounts of data thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean.

In recent tests, a new type of optical digital signal processing technology from Nokia Bell Labs achieved a capacity that’s roughly 2.5 times that of current systems.

The technology, running along a subsea cable that stretches from New York to Ireland, could make for much more efficient data transmission as bandwidth-hungry online activities such as virtual reality continue to grow.


Facebook and Nokia teamed up to test Nokia Bell Labs’ new technology, called ‘probabilistic constellation shaping (PCS).’

The researchers completed multiple submarine filed trials along a 5,500 kilometer (3,415 mile) subsea cable that stretches from New York to Ireland.

PCS uses ‘shaped’ quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) formats to flexibly adjust transmission capacity, according to Nokia.

This pushes a fiber-optic cable nearly to the physical limit.

Tests revealed the technology achieved new record of spectral efficiency, at 7.46 b/s/Hz.

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