If a man gets drunk at a bar in the middle of the night, tokes a little bud, snorts a bit of blow, then goes home and slaps his wife around, do we not still think of him as a wife beater even though he was drunk and high?

If a meth head holds up a pedestrian on the street to get a little cash to finance his next hit, do we not still think of him as a mugger?

So how come much of the world’s press, and many politicians, are dismissing claims that Ziyed Ben Belgacem was a Muslim extremist simply because he had been drinking and indulging in recreational drugs before he shot a Parisian gendarme and then tried to take a French soldier prisoner at Orly airport?

Is there a threshold for how many times an attacker has to have attended daily prayers or how many hours he has spent looking at extremist websites before he can be considered a radical?

“Oops, no. Can’t call him a terrorist. He shouted Allahu Ak-BAR. And every radical Muslim knows the correct pronunciation is Allahu AK-bar.”

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