As expected, Liberal MP Iqra Khalid’s anti-Islamophobia motion passed the House of Commons with a hearty majority.

The Thursday afternoon vote tally saw 201 votes for and 91 against. All Liberal MPs present voted in favour, although Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was absent. The only Conservative MP who voted for it was leadership candidate Michael Chong.

An interesting spanner was thrown into the works with the release of an Angus Reid Institute survey that morning. It asked Canadians how they’d vote if they were MPs. A plurality of 42% said they’d vote against it. While only 29% would give it the go ahead.

The rest opted for “don’t know / abstain”.

So while MPs voted for it overwhelmingly, the people they represent said they’d take a pass. Interestingly, 45% of respondents did say anti-Muslim attitudes and discrimination were “a serious problem” while 55% believed the issue was “overblown” by the political and media establishment.

But the vote happened and now we can put this all behind us, right? Wrong. If anything, the quest to tackle Islamophobia has only just begun.



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