Heavy caseloads, a toxic workplace culture, officer safety and low pay are among the reasons Mounties are choosing to leave the RCMP for new careers at other Canadian police forces.

That’s according to Mounties who recently left or are preparing to leave Canada’s national police force and who spoke to CBC News.

“I never realized how much fear I had going to calls for service with the RCMP,” said one seven-year veteran who left for another agency in Western Canada last October.

CBC News has agreed not to identify any of the men for fear of jeopardizing their employment. Mounties are specifically prohibited from speaking to reporters without permission.

The officer said he started thinking about leaving after three years’ service in Alberta, once he became fully aware of, as he put it, a “cut-throat culture” where he felt training, promotions and transfers were awarded based on favouritism.

The ex-Mountie said he then grew anxious responding to calls alone when front line vacancies weren’t filled.

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