Wednesday’s budget will be about the middle class and innovation. Maybe it’ll even be helpful! That would be nice. Unfortunately, the Trudeau government’s handling of both files so far has left them in something close to a shambles.

I wrote here, somewhat quizzical, after Social Development Minister Jean-Yves Duclos gave a presentation to reporters about “The State of the Middle Class.” In retrospect, I was probably too kind.

When a tenured academic turned senior cabinet minister delivers a presentation on the middle class that (a) never defines the term “middle class”; (b) never depicts the effects of the government’s actions to date on the plight of the middle class, however you want to define it; (c) offers no hint about future efforts to help the middle class — well, that’s a fiasco.

The Liberals used to promise that Canadians would be able to track their own progress, using large numbers of publicly available indicators, on marvellous websites that would be part of a governing philosophy called “deliverology.” That philosophy is, by all the evidence, deader than electoral reform. These days, we get Duclos telling us how polls say we feel.


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