I’m afraid this column might be a little too much inside baseball.

OK, it is. This column is so much inside baseball it should come with a beer and a hot dog.

It’s a column about the 10-member “discussion group” named Friday afternoon to plot the next step forward in uniting Alberta’s two conservative parties — the Wildrose and Progressive Conservatives.

I can sense you already wanting to turn the page or go get a beer and/or a hot dog. But stick with me and you’ll see how this story has connections to some major political scandals.

And to keep it a little more snappy, let’s do today’s column in the form of a question and answer.

Question: What is this “discussion group”?

Answer: Good question. This is a panel composed of five people chosen by the Wildrose party and five from the PCs. Their task is to “develop a single unity framework” that would lead to the two parties uniting under one banner. They are to report back within six weeks.

Q: Does this mean the merger is definitely going ahead?

A: No, but this is another step. The group will figure out how they can move forward and how they can put the unity framework agreement to a vote by all members of both parties.


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