THERE will be no fanfare on Wednesday when Theresa May writes formally to Donald Tusk to trigger Article 50 – and sets in train British withdrawal from the EU

But that will be no indicator of the importance of the event. Quite the opposite: Wednesday is of epoch-making importance.

This week the sabre rattling that we’ve had from the likes of Jean-Claude Juncker ever since the referendum was first called, will end and the nitty gritty of negotiations will start.

The threats and warnings – all that recent talk of £50billion and £60billion bills and huge tariff walls – have only ever been meaningless hot air.

Because it’s only now that the real meat of the negotiations to arrange our departure is going to start and hot air will make way for hard talk.

One thing that we know for certain is that they need a sensible deal with us every bit as much as we would prefer a sensible deal with them.

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