THIS is the moment history was made as the Government finally triggered Article 50 and provided official confirmation that Britain will leave the European Union.

UK ambassador Sir Tim Barrow hand delivered the six-page etter, signed personally by Theresa May, outlining the country’s desire to start divorce proceedings with the bloc immediately.

At a carefully stage managed meeting in Brussels, from which the television cameras were banned, the PM’s top diplomat finally delivered the long-awaited notification to EU Council chief Donald Tusk.

Sir Tim, carrying the all-important letter in a vintage attache case, smiled for the cameras as he formally carried out the result of last June’s Brexit referendum.

There was a hushed conversation lasting about a minute between Sir Tim and Mr Tusk before the letter in a white envelope was handed over. They then shook hands.

Following the brief meeting, which lasted only minutes, Mr Tusk was set to head straight to a press conference in the EU Council’s new Europa building where he will give a statement to the world’s media.

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