BREXITEER Michael Gove has claimed EU citizens will still be able to ‘freely’ come to Britain after the UK exits the bloc.

But the former Justice Secretary has claimed migrants would not have the same access to jobs, benefits or the NHS.

Mr Gove said: “One of the things that I envisage is, after we leave the European Union, EU citizens will be able to move freely into the UK.

“It is just they won’t have the same rights to work and secure access to public services and welfare benefits.

“This will allow people to benefit from tourism, it will allow people to travel freely, but you also ensure the critical pinch point in migration, which is access to work and access to public services, is controlled.”

The leave campaigner, who was speaking at an event in Dublin, claimed Irish citizens would be treated differently amid fears of a hard border between the North and the Republic.

It comes after the Government has been forced to admit Northern Ireland could rejoin the EU without reapplying if it decided to split from the UK and join the Republic of Ireland, it has been revealed.


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