The long cross-country trek from Chester to Essex can be a real slog, nearly four hours by car on a good day. The same 200-mile trip by train takes just as long – not to mention the £160 ticket. But am I worried? No… I’m in the Honda.

True, the soft leather seats are rather more luxurious than the usual Japanese hatchback. I’d say it looks and smells more like a Bentley than a family runaround.

In fact, there are four comfy passenger seats with two up front, sleek fold-down tables, plenty of legroom and side windows that turn opaque at the flick of a switch. Not that you’d want to flick the switch – the view as you approach the top speed of 500mph is little short of stunning.

By then, you are cruising, whisper-quiet, at 43,000ft – that’s high above commercial airliners, let alone crammed motorways. All in all, it seems a shame the entire journey takes only 40 minutes.

This, you may have gathered, is no ordinary Honda.

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