TORONTO – The Kathleen Wynne Liberals would face the humiliating prospect of losing official party status if an election were held now, a new Forum poll projects.

The Liberals are sitting at 19% support, polling third behind the PCs and NDP in the 416 area, and trending to win only seven of 122 seats, Forum Research says.

The Progressive Conservatives are currently enjoying a 24-point lead over the Liberals with 43% of voters who are decided or leaning, which would translate into a strong majority of 86 seats if an election were held today, the poll found.

And the NDP with 28% support would win 29 seats, making it the official opposition.

The Green Party was backed by 8% of those polled.

Lorne Bozinoff, president of Forum Research, said the shift up until now has been Liberal supporters moving to the PCs, a right-wing momentum.

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