Nigel Farage slammed MEPs for behaving like the ‘mafia’ today after they vowed to fight tooth and nail to stop us getting a good Brexit deal.

The former Ukip leader lashed out during a debate in the European Parliament on its demands for the looming negotiations.

Delivering their first response since Theresa May triggered Article 50 last week, politicians queued up to make clear the UK will have to submit to a potentially huge divorce payment before a trade deal can be done, and insisted there will be no ‘cherry picking’.

Guy Verhofstadt, the Parliament’s chief negotiator, dismissed Brexit as a ‘stupid catfight’ within the Tory party and said he was ‘sure’ the UK would one day rejoin the EU.

Despite efforts by Ukip MEPs to water it down, the tough negotiating stance was comfortably passed by 560 votes to 133.


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