Embattled White House strategist Steve Bannon vowed he wasn’t going quietly into the night after being purged from the National Security Council — declaring “I love a gunfight,” it was reported Thursday.

Bannon, a fervent nationalist and presidential adviser made the combative remark to pals within the past 24 hours, the political website Axios reported.

A cascade of White House leaks said Bannon was tired of the constant infighting among the various factions vying for Trump’s attention and support and was ready to hang it up.

But Bannon — and one of the masterminds of Trump’s campaign — called those rumors “100 percent nonsense,” the Axios website reported.

Trump sacked Bannon from the NSC’s Principals Committee — a key panel that generally includes top military and national security minds — at the urging of his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Since he was appointed to the NSC in January, critics from both parties feared his nationalist vision would politicize decision-making.

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