Donald Trump’s swift and decisive speed in launching airstrikes against Syria is in direct contrast to former President Barack Obama’s previous military strikes.

Less than 72 hours after Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad launched a chemical gas attack that killed more than 80 civilians, Trump retaliated and ordered Thursday’s attack.

The US military fired roughly 60 tomahawk missiles at the Syrian government’s al-Shayrat military airfield near Homs.

It was an action Obama was not willing to take years earlier without the approval of Congress.

Obama opted not to strike Assad’s regime in Syria back in 2013 when hundreds of Syrians suffocated in rebel-held suburbs after ground-to-ground missiles were loaded with sarin and fired on civilian areas while residents slept.

The former president warned Assad at the time not to cross his ‘red line’ and provoke a US military strike. He went to Congress for authorization to carry out punitive strikes against the Syrian government, but lacked the necessary support in the legislature.

The Obama administration did eventually launch airstrikes in Syria the following year when the US started its military fight against ISIS in both Syria and Iraq.

The strategic planning sharply contrasts with Trump’s decision on Thursday.

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