A female Mountie who alleges she was subjected to humiliating and demeaning hazings, bullying and sexual abuse at the hands of some of the male members of the national police force’s famed Musical Ride has reached a settlement with the RCMP, according to her lawyer.

Staff Sgt. Caroline O’Farrell launched her multi-million dollar lawsuit four years ago, alleging harassment that included being the subject of a suicide pool and repeated “horse troughings” where she was dragged through manure and urine after being named one of the first female members of the iconic travelling equestrian show in 1986.

Internal investigations substantiated over 120 events of abuse and harassment, but the perpetrators received little in the way of any consequences and O’Farrell was simply removed from the Ride, according to her lawyer.

The settlement with O’Farrell comes six months after a historic apology by the RCMP to all their female members for decades of abuse and harassment along with a $100-million settlement to right the wrongs suffered by women within their ranks.


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