There’s a reason why there isn’t widespread support in Manitoba for a carbon tax, even among those in favour of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It’s because the proposed tax is a scam.

There is no irrefutable evidence anywhere in the world that charging people a few cents more on a litre of gas or putting a levy on natural gas does anything to reduce carbon emissions.

Despite that, ideologically-driven politicians like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are hell bent on imposing a carbon tax on Canadians, even though it will not change people’s behaviour in how they get around or how they heat their homes.

A new Postmedia/Mainstreet Research poll shows only 39% of Manitobans are in favour of a carbon tax. Half are opposed to it and 11% aren’t sure. Those who are in favour of the proposed tax either like the idea of higher taxes generally (yes, those people do exist) or have been hoodwinked into thinking that we’ll all help save the Earth if government slaps a five or 10-cent/litre tax on the fuel we put in our vehicles.

It won’t. It hasn’t in British Columbia where they’ve had a carbon tax since 2008. Emissions did fall there initially, which was due in part to the 2009 recession. But emissions in B.C. have since been on the rise again. Alberta just imposed a carbon tax in January. And while it’s too early to tell if it’s had any real impact, there’s no evidence so far that it’s doing anything to reduce emissions.


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