NURSES are having to leave patients every two hours to dash out and move their cars after their spaces in a hospital car park were withdrawn.

NHS staff have no option but to find a parking space in residential streets which have a two hour time limit.

To avoid a £40 fine for overstaying, dozens of nurses have to set alarms on their mobile phones every 120 minutes and drop what they are doing to move their cars.

Others are said to now be arranging appointments and meetings around their parking schedule, therefore seeing less patients as a result.

The situation has been branded a ‘fiasco’ by staff who have been advised to carry out the farcical practice by bosses after being told their allocated spaces in the multi-storey car park at Poole Hospital were being axed.

One clinician who works at the Poole Community Health Clinic, which is across the road from the hospital car park, said: “We all had permits before and it worked fine.

“Day to day it means we have to plan our clinics around moving our cars because you can only park on the same street once. “We set alarms on our phones and staff have to get up in the middle of meetings.


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