In a stinging court judgment, the owner of an unfinished monster home in Brampton has been handed a blow after a judge, describing his behaviour as ‘egregious’, awarded a large payout to the city to deter others from misusing the justice system.

Ahmed Elbasiouni, owner of 43 Centre St. N., must pay nearly $51,000 in damages — the largest amount a court has awarded in such a case — in an ongoing dispute with the City of Brampton that has divided the community and pitted neighbours against one another.

Elbasiouni told The Guardian that city staff denied crucial information during examinations, and that he has asked the court for direction on possibly escalating the matter to a contempt hearing or criminal trial. Elbasiouni challenged the decision handed down by Superior Court Justice Kofi Barnes that he “sought to mislead and perpetuate a fraud” on the court.

In court documents obtained by The Guardian, Justice Barnes upholds the city’s 2013 decision to revoke the property owner’s building permit. Barnes determined that Elbasiouni filed a fraudulent document in support of a motion to reopen the appeal process in order to obtain a different result.

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