THE European Union (EU) is divided over what to do with the gaping hole left when Britain’s 73 MEPs leave Brussels for the final time.

Some Europhiles want them replaced with pan-European politicians to the cost of the taxpayer.

But critics said the EU is already unpopular enough without funding positions for more politicians.

It would create the coveted “more Europe”, which Jean-Claude Juncker has mentioned on numerous occasions, at a time when anti-European sentiment is growing within the general populous.

Paulo Rangel, a member of the EPP from Portugal, said the pan-European lists would “create more Eurocracy” at a time when “the mood is not very pro-European”.

The idea of a pan-European list first reared its head in 2011 when it was floated by Andrew Duff MEP, but despite making it through the constitutional affairs committee it was deemed too integrationist and was never adopted.


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