One third of Toronto voters say the departure of Premier Kathleen Wynne would make them more likely to support the Liberals in the 2018 provincial election, a Forum Research poll provided exclusively to the Toronto Sun found.

Only 10% of Torontonians polled, and 7% who identify as Liberal supporters, say they’d be less likely to cast their ballot for the Liberals if Wynne resigned.

“It looks like the premier is dragging the Liberals down a little bit,” Forum Research president Lorne Bozinoff said Friday.

“There’s a group of people right now who are voting Tory … but 29% of them say that, without Wynne there, they are more likely to vote Liberal,” Bozinoff said. “And the same thing with New Democrats — another 26% of people who are currently supporting New Democrats say they are more likely to vote Liberal if Wynne wasn’t the leader.”

Of those polled, 44% said Wynne’s departure wouldn’t make them more or less likely to vote Liberal.

It’s the latest in a series of polls that show the governing Ontario Liberal Party struggling with Wynne at the helm, putting pressure on the premier to step aside before the next election.


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