It was a brilliant if not cynical move on the part of the Trudeau Liberals to table their marijuana legislation during the same week they thumped down a 294-page omnibus budget document like those contemptible Harperites were so prone to doing.

After all, if a smokescreen was ever needed for a touchy topic, such as the Liberals’ breaking a promise to never table the kind of all-encompassing omnibus bill that riled them up during the Conservatives’ years, then what better way than to hot-box it in the progressive hipsterism of legalizing pot?

The flak over the Liberals’ omnibus bill, most of it delivered in the low-ratings setting of the Commons’ Question Period, lasted all of a nanosecond.

Perhaps that was all it deserved. Compared to the 880-page tome the government of Stephen Harper dropped in 2010, Trudeau’s budget implementation bill was downright skeletal.

But it was a broken promise nonetheless.


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