That drumbeat you hear is Korea marching toward unification.

No gunshots. No missile launches. No tanks rumbling over the 38th parallel as in June 1950.

No, this is a people’s push. Just like they erupted in Eastern Europe in 1989 on the way to obliterating the Berlin Wall that November and unifying Germany the next year.

No one saw that revolution coming. Well, almost no one. President Reagan sure did in 1987 when he exhorted USSR boss Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down this wall.” And plenty of Germans hoped the Soviet would.

But having lived in Germany back then, I know the man in the street didn’t think the wall was coming down in his lifetime.

So it is with Korea. Most people figure North is red, and South is fed, and never the twain shall meet.

We see on TV that corpulent commie in the North killing relatives and generals while starving his citizens. And we conclude that the South has no chance of blending its Samsungs into the whole peninsula.

And yet, that was exactly Germany’s outlook 28 years ago. Reagan’s Brandenburg Gate oratory notwithstanding, the main feeling was: Forget it. The Soviet grip on East Berlin and all the countries behind the Iron Curtain was too tight. Hungary tried to break loose in 1956.

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