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There are just six weeks to go — and two before voting begins — in the Conservative leadership race. Candidates are jostling for position and pushing for the smallest edge.

There is little indication that anyone is breaking out of the pack.

But this race will be won at the most granular of levels, with individual voters holding potentially outsized sway in deciding who will be the next leader of the party. Candidates would be wise to spend the little time that remains making their pitch in ridings where individual members will carry the most weight.

There has been little movement in the Conservative Leadership Index, a composite of four leadership metrics including fundraising, polls and endorsements, since the last update of March 23.

Maxime Bernier remains at the top of the pack with a score of 19.9, suggesting he would take about 19.9 per cent support on the first ballot if the vote were held today. He is followed closely by Kevin O’Leary at 17.8 points.

Andrew Scheer and Erin O’Toole are also rated in double-digits, at 13.4 and 11.2 points, respectively.


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