ANGELA Merkel’s tough opposition to share european debt will help her win votes in September’s federal elections, economists say.

And it signals growing scepticism over the shared currency in Germany as voters become increasingly concerned by member states’ crippled economies.

German bank ING-DiBa AG, based in Frankfurt, a subsidiary of the Dutch ING Group, says Mrs Merkel’s stance is a potential vote winner.

And her Socialist rival Martin Schulz will all but shoot himself in the foot if he continues to push for all Euro-using states to share accumulated debt burdens.

Carsten Brzeski, the bank’s chief economist says the Chancellor’s anti-euro debt stance will “will definitely help” and is “one of many arguments to discredit Schulz during the campaign”.

He added: “We expect the economy to become an important topic in the election campaign.

“While Angela Merkel’s CDU is likely to emphasise strong economic fundamentals, the SPD and front-runner Martin Schulz will probably try to criticise shortcomings of the current growth performance.


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