The mayors of two of Canada’s largest cities agree regional governance in Peel isn’t working, but remain at odds over a solution.

While Mayor Linda Jeffrey has taken a hard line on increasing Brampton’s representation on Peel Region council, her counterpart in Mississauga, Bonnie Crombie, is urging a completely different conversation on the issue of two-tier government.

“We think it is critically important that we are able to control our own destiny and that we are able to make decisions that are in the best interests of Mississauga residents. We should not need the permission of two other municipalities to do what’s best for Mississauga residents,” said Bonnie Crombie, advocating the termination of Peel’s regional government as the solution.

With newly released statistics confirming Brampton’s upward trajectory on population growth (the city grew to about 600,000 or twice the rate of other communities since the last census) Jeffrey, during Wednesday’s council meeting, said trying to reach a compromise with its neighbours on the issue of regional representation is futile. She argued against settling on a composition at Peel that does not include adding all 11 members of Brampton council.

“I see my colleagues turning themselves inside out trying to find a solution to placate everybody. The challenge is we can’t (make everyone happy). I don’t think we are going to find consensus,” said Jeffrey, speaking against a proposed weighted voting system set to go before regional council.

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